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  • How does Health and Safety training affect the Education Sector?
    What unique challenges do universities, colleges and schools face in regards to meeting compliancy requirements?
    Can changing the way you conduct training save your school or college money?
    Could a change in DSE assessment help with retention of faculty staff and increased desirability for students to enrol?
    What compliancy concerns are there when dealing with students and teachers? How do you manage training records over multiple locations and campuses?
    How do you arm your staff with knowledge of how to deal with conflict, cultural sensitivity and hidden hazards in the workplace?
    This webinar comes in a slightly new format – We are speaking to a panel of experts about specific issues faced by Health and Safety teams working in Education.
    Our guest panellist, Mary Edwards of University of Winchester, will also be joining us be speaking about how she decided to handle the training and compliancy for over 500 staff members.
    Please watch to find our how WorkRite can help you deliver essential training to staff in the educational sector.

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