Coaching Education Webinars: Leading A Club Webinar With Tim Schulz & Panel.

  • In this Webinar, Chris P. will delve into the minds of Tim Schulz and the Panel who lead their clubs in different yet effective ways.
    We will look at who helped these leaders get to where they are and the lessons they've learned and what advice they give future leaders.
    Panel will count with the presence of Daouda Kante (from Kansas Rush) and Ben John (from Rush Wiscosnin), among others.
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    With its origins in Colorado, USA, Rush Soccer is an international sports organization focused on the development of soccer players. Rush Soccer partners with over a hundred clubs across the globe in pursuance of fulfilling its very mission: to provide an unparalleled soccer experience: Progressive. Ambitious. Comprehensive. With over 40,000 players involved in the Rush network, Rush Soccer focuses on the formation and expansion of a developmental pyramid, creating pathways not only for the elite players but its entire membership. As one of the largest professional development systems in the world - and with an ever-expanding global footprint - Rush Soccer is creating a professional pathway for players and coaches unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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