[COOL Webinars | TALC 2020 | Teacher Education] Session 5: Culture, Politics, Self and Society

  • This video is the fifth in the #TALC2020 series, which will be held every Tuesday from April 21, 2020 to June 23, 2020.
    Topic: Culture, Politics, Self and Society
    Facilitator: Dr.Padma M. Sarangapani, Chair, Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research, TISS, Mumbai
    When: Tuesday May 19, 2020
    Audience: M.Ed. students and teacher educators of colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai; M.A. Education students from TISS Mumbai and TISS Hyderabad; interested teacher educators and students from educational institutions across India
    This webinar begins with Prof.Sarangapani stating that the objectives of the session are to examine some key concepts of our political culture, understand why curriculum decision making needs to be a deliberative process and to think about why this matters to teachers and educators. The speaker and participants interact on what is worth teaching to students and it is explained how psychology as well as the intrinsic worth of things can help in deciding what should be included in a curriculum. Taking example of the democratic drafting process of constitution of India, the speaker highlights that deciding what goes into a curriculum should also be a democratic process that involves deliberation.
    Various factors that influence whether society or experts take decisions related to curriculum are explored. It is emphasised that education should promote the values underlying our democracy, i.e. justice, liberty, equality and fraternity while also protecting individual's rights. The communitarian view is also discussed briefly. In the end, participants and the speaker interact during the Q&A session.
    In the context of the ongoing Covid19 situation and the disruption of regular classroom teaching, weekly webinars titled Teaching and Learning Consortium (TALC) 2020, on relevant topics from the M.Ed. curriculum of Mumbai University will be conducted by experienced faculty members from various educational institutions of the country.
    The Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, TISS in partnership with Department of Education, University of Mumbai, offers online support to M.Ed. students and interested teacher educators of affiliated colleges, MA (Education) & MA (Elementary Education) students of TISS, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
    Links to the collaborating institutions:
    University of Mumbai, Dept of Education: mu.ac.in/department-of-education
    CEIAR: tiss.edu/view/6/mumbai-campus/centre-for-education-innovation-and-action-researc/about-us-11/
    Explore #TISSCOOL #OER on this topic and more here:
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