[COOL Webinars | TALC 2020 | Teacher Education] Session 6: Thinkers on Education

  • This video is the sixth in the #TALC2020 series, which will be held every Tuesday from April 21, 2020 to June 23, 2020.
    Topic: Thinkers on Education
    Facilitator: Mr.Alok Mathur, Formerly Director (Teacher Education), Rishi Valley Education Centre
    When: Tuesday May 26, 2020
    Audience: M.Ed. students and teacher educators of colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai; M.A. Education students from TISS Mumbai and TISS Hyderabad; interested teacher educators and students from educational institutions across India
    This webinar begins with Mr.Mathur stating that the objectives of the session are to engage with some enduring questions in education, drawing on ideas from each of four seminal thinkers on education—Dewey, Gandhi, Krishnamurti and Friere. Another objective is to explore the philosophical ideas and practices that may be relevant in today’s scenario.
    The session commences with the question who do we consider a thinker on education and what are the enduring questions in education. Speaker and participants interact on whether John Dewey’s thoughts about importance of education during times of extreme nationalistic sentiment and national prejudice are relevant today. Gandhi's vision of Nai Talim and Paolo Friere’s idea of ‘critical education’ and aspects of ‘status quo’ are explored. Aims of a different kind of education as proposed by Krishnamurti are discussed. In the end, participants and the speaker interact during the Q&A session.
    In the context of the ongoing Covid19 situation and the disruption of regular classroom teaching, weekly webinars titled Teaching and Learning Consortium (TALC) 2020, on relevant topics from the M.Ed. curriculum of Mumbai University will be conducted by experienced faculty members from various educational institutions of the country.
    The Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, TISS in partnership with Department of Education, University of Mumbai, offers online support to M.Ed. students and interested teacher educators of affiliated colleges, MA (Education) & MA (Elementary Education) students of TISS, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
    Links to the collaborating institutions:
    University of Mumbai, Dept of Education: mu.ac.in/department-of-education
    CEIAR: tiss.edu/view/6/mumbai-campus/centre-for-education-innovation-and-action-researc/about-us-11/
    Rishi Valley Education Centre: www.rishivalley.org
    Important references:
    1. Dewey, J. (1916). Ch 7 The Democratic Conception of Education. Democracy and Education (pp. 87-106). Cosmo Publications (2005).
    2. Friere, P. (1985). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Harmondsworth UK: Penguin
    3. Krishnamurti J. (1985), Life Ahead. UK: Victor Gollancz
    4. Sykes, M. (1988). The story of Nai Talim : Fifty years of education at Sevagram, 1937-1987 : a record of reflections. Sevagram, Wardha: Nai Talim Samiti.
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