FREE VIBAL GROUP WEBINARS OCT 5-9, 2020 | Webinar Series

  • FREE VIBAL GROUP WEBINARS OCT 5-9, 2020 | Webinar Series
    As we celebrate the National Teachers' Month, let us continue to honor our teachers' dedication in educating the children especially during this time of the pandemic.
    Together, let's celebrate the World Teachers' Day 2020 with the theme, “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future."
    This week, join Vibal's Teachers' Day Webinar Series on YouTube!
    Here’s how:
    1. Fill out these forms to register.
    NOTE: Kindly choose only one form per day/topic to fill-out.
    What Makes a Good Teacher Effective?
    October 5 (FORM 1):
    October 5 (FORM 2):
    Caring for Teachers: Educational: Leadership and Management
    October 6 (FORM 1):
    October 6 (FORM 2):
    Goal Setting for Teachers Towards Self-Improvement
    October 7 (FORM 1):
    October 7 (FORM 2):
    Teachers are Role Models of Holistic Development
    October 8 (FORM 1):
    October 8 (FORM 2):
    The Teacher as the Major Stakeholder of Education
    October 9 (FORM 1):
    October 9 (FORM 2):
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