LSG Webinars: Transforming attitudes and building a learning culture

  • Transforming attitudes and building a learning culture
    Edward Gallier, Group Learning & Development Manager, Jury's Inn Hotel Group
    Hotel chain Jury's Inn had a challenge. They wanted to improve the consistency of the training that they provided to new employees in an effort to reduce employee turnover and embed a culture of learning. Traditional approaches to training didn't always work and weren't as cost-effective as they could be. What Jury's Inn really needed was something that would shift the culture and attitudes towards learning in their organisation and produce measurable outcomes quickly and consistently.
    The HR team realised that by using Totara they could further enhance their employee's performance by:
    Aligning learning and development to the corporate strategy
    Widening access to induction training and deliver this in a timely way
    Improving scheduling of face to face training and reduce costs;
    Producing management information;
    Giving employees flexible options for learning at a time and in a manner that suited the
    Edward Gallier
    A People Development Specialist, Edward has 20 years' experience working within the lifestyle industries of hospitality, leisure and tourism gaining experience in business operations and human resources and now applying these experiences as Learning & Development Manager with Jury's Inn Hotel Group. Current projects include the development of a learning management and delivery system in partnership with Totara Platinum Partner Learning Pool that harnesses face to face, webinar and online learning for all employees at work or on the move.

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