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    Secure your income in these uncertain times.
    Talking to all lecturers, teachers, coaches & tutors.
    How to create Videos.
    #travelvids focuses on YouTube, Travel & smartphone video.
    Making Videos can be easy if you know what you are doing, let us show you how.
    If you are a keen traveler looking to capture your adventures - Or perhaps a business looking to keep your blog & social media alive with gripping videos - We have designed creative solutions for you to start making your own memorable videos really quickly and easily.
    Popular videos by You-tubers like Casey Neistat, Peter Mckinnon, Sam Kolder, Jon Olsson (and so on) are fantastic... But you can't expect to start there. These guys have spent years learning their craft. Get started with simple video tutorials and tips.
    See our FREE editing tutorials, which will take you step by step through the process of editing video on your android & iPhone. simply follow the link to our courses:
    is absolutely FREE.

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