ELISA Webinar: An introduction to the basic principles and assay formats

  • This introductory ELISA webinar discusses the following points:
    1. Introduction to ELISA
    2. The different assay types
    3. Assay development tips
    4. Data analysis tips
    5. Troubleshooting tips
    6. Indirect vs. Direct antibody detection
    7. Using Lightning-Link for primary antibody labeling
    8. Immuno-PCR
    This video was produced by Innova Biosciences which is now fully integrated with Expedeon Ltd.
    - If you want to learn more about our range of products specifically designed for ELISA applications, please visit: bit.ly/2OjIasU
    - If you want to learn more about this powerful technique, please download our ELISA guide: bit.ly/2IjiuqV

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