Teacher Talk Webinars: Edulastic for Math

  • In this webinar you will learn tips and tricks for using digital assessment for math instruction. You’ll hear from a panel of featured teachers who are using Edulastic as a formative tool to create digital assessments to accompany lessons, monitor student progress, and to help students self-assess their learning. We’ll take a look at the math content in the Edulastic Assessment Library and you’ll get an overview of the Technology-Enhanced Items that you can access in Edulastic.
    Edulastic is great for situations where you want to get students comfortable with online testing and prepare for state exams. It’s also a powerful tool for asking better questions, saving you time grading, and getting immediate feedback on student progress.
    Get a more general overview of Edulastic with our 101 Webinar: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9_xbGlWqgA
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