LSG Webinars: Flipped learning model for effective blended learning

  • Flipped learning model for effective blended learning, Joanna Kori
    What does your blended learning look like? Is it a mash up of unrelated pieces, an unstructured smorgasbord of learning content? Is it the rather tired 'blended sandwich' of a classroom course stuffed between two pieces of elearning? Or is it a coherent, structured combination of complementary digital and classroom-based learning elements? Join Jo Kori, Learning Consultant at Tata Interactive Systems, as she explores how to build effective blended learning using the 'Flipped Learning' model. Drawing on practical examples and her own research at Brighton University, she will explore how to build great learning that uses the best of both digital and face-to-face learning
    Matching digital elements clearly and appropriately to required learning
    Embedding and extending the learning beyond the classroom
    The influence of Bergman & Sams' Flipped Classroom concept and Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle
    Using out-of-class time to greatest effect
    How to incorporate mobile, video and other digital learning technologies

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