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    With unpredictability being part and parcel of this new decade, can we even begin to predict what will happen post-COVID-19? What will things be like after movement restrictions are loosened, and quarantines are lifted? Will there be a gradual return to the way things were, or will business as usual actually be thoroughly unusual?
    Find out more about it in this latest instalment of The Day After Tomorrow series of dialogues from ASB, entitled Marketing for a New Normal.
    Moderated by Prof. Willem Smit, ASB Assistant Professor of Marketing, and featuring speakers from two leading customer intelligence organizations - Arun Menon, MD of IPSOS, and Jocelyn Pinto, Manager of Data Strategy & Analytics at ADA – this incisive session explores exciting possibilities for companies to make the most of what happens next, based on comprehensive data derived from real-time, real-life research and observations.
    Grounded in ASB’s MIT Sloan-inspired Action Learning philosophy, with insights from battle-tested and proven experts in the field, this dialogue seeks to identity actionable strategies that are directly applicable by companies to face upcoming New Normal challenges.
    Find out more by watching this video now.
    Plus, discover more unconventional and extraordinary insights and inspiration from ASB here, or explore opportunities to build build leadership capacity and explore transformative learning through ASB’s Executive Education programs here: asb.edu.my/executive-education

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